Graph Drawing 2007

Free-Style Competition

The free-style category is the most general of the categories. Its purpose is to encourage researchers to send in their most intriguing innovative visualizations.

There are no specific requirements for the type of visualizations, and we encourage submissions of all types of drawings. Judging will be based on artistic merit and relevance to the graph drawing community. Consequently, submitting a brief description of the relevance is instrumental in our decision.

Social Network Competition

The Social Network category is more focused than the free-style but does not address one specific graph. Instead, we are looking for novel ways to view and analyze social networks. As such, the social network graph used will vary based on the contestants specific goal.

In recent years, with the emergence of such sites and tools as FaceBook, MySpace, and blogs, social networks particularly online ones, have been getting lots of attention. The spread of online access across the globe has drastically changed whom we know, how we know them, and how we interact. For this category, we are requesting interesting and innovative visualizations of social networks. We are treating the social network as a category of graphs and not as a specific graph. Therefore, there is no single specific graph to visualize. The choice is up to the contestant and is as much a part of the competition as the actual visualization itself.

To help with a starting point: