Accepted Papers

David Richter. How to draw a Tait-colored graph.
Fabrizio Frati. Improved Lower Bounds on the Area Requirements of  Series-Parallel Graphs.
Christian Duncan, David Eppstein, Michael Goodrich, Stephen Kobourov, and Martin Nöllenburg. Lombardi Drawings of Graphs.
Mereke van Garderen, Giuseppe Liotta, and Henk Meijer. Universal Pointsets for 2-coloured Trees.
Giordano Da Lozzo, Giuseppe Di Battista, and Francesco Ingrassia. Drawing Graphs on a Smartphone.
Yifan Hu, Stephen Kobourov, and Sankar Veeramoni. On Maximum Differential Graph Coloring.
Patrizio Angelini, Fabrizio Frati, Markus Geyer, Michael Kaufmann, Tamara Mchedlidze and Antonios Symvonis. Upward Geometric Graph Embeddings into Point Sets.
Erin Chambers, David Eppstein, Michael Goodrich, and Maarten Löffler. Drawing Graphs in the Plane with  a Prescribed Outer Face and Polynomial Area.
Wolfgang Brunner and Marco Matzeder. Drawing Ordered (k-1)-ary Trees on k-Grids.
Rahnuma Islam Nishat, Debajyoti Mondal, and Md. Saidur Rahman. Point-Set Embeddings of Plane 3-Trees.
Evmorfia Argyriou, Michael Bekos, and Antonios Symvonis. Maximizing the Total Resolution of Graphs.
Emden Gansner, Yifan Hu, and Stephen Kobourov. On Touching Triangle Graphs.
Lev Nachmanson, Sergey Pupyrev, and Michael Kaufmann. Improving Layered Graph Layouts with Edge Bundling.
Radoslav Fulek and Janos Pach. A computational approach to Conway's thrackle conjecture.
Eyal Ackerman, Radoslav Fulek, and Csaba D. Tóth. On the size of graphs that admit polyline drawings with few bends and crossing angles.
Jan Manuch, Murray Patterson, Sheung-Hung Poon, and Chris Thachuk. Complexity of Finding Non-Planar Rectilinear Drawings of Graphs.
Christian Duncan, David Eppstein, Michael Goodrich, Stephen Kobourov, and Martin Nöllenburg. Drawing Trees with Perfect Angular Resolution and Polynomial Area.
Marc van Kreveld. The Quality Ratio of RAC Drawings and Planar Drawings of Planar Graphs.
Daniel Archambault, Helen C. Purchase and Bruno Pinaud. Difference Map Readability for Dynamic Graphs.
Graeme Gange, Peter Stuckey, and Kim Marriott. Optimal k-level Planarization and Crossing Minimization.
Gianluca Vittorio Quercini and Massimo Ancona. Confluent Drawing Algorithms using Rectangular Dualization.
Thomas Bläsius, Marcus Krug, Ignaz Rutter, and Dorothea Wagner. Drawing Orthogonal Graphs with Flexibility Constraints.
Patrizio Angelini, Markus Geyer, Michael Kaufmann, and Daniel Neuwirth. On a Tree and a Path with no Geometric Simultaneous Embedding.
David Eppstein, Maarten Löffler, Elena Mumford, and Martin Nöllenburg. Optimal 3D Angular Resolution for Low-Degree Graphs.
Daniel Gonçalves, Benjamin Leveque, and Alexandre Pinlou. Triangle contact representations and duality.
Patrizio Angelini, Enrico Colasante, Giuseppe Di Battista, Fabrizio Frati, and Maurizio Patrignani. Monotone Drawings of Graphs.
Christopher Auer, Christian Bachmaier, Franz Josef Brandenburg, Wolfgang Brunner, and Andreas Gleißner. Plane Drawings of Queue and Deque Graphs.
Erik Jan van Leeuwen and Jan van Leeuwen. Convex Polygon Intersection Graphs.
Markus Chimani, Carsten Gutwenger, Petra Mutzel, Miro Spönemann, and Hoi-Ming Wong. Crossing Minimization and Layouts of Directed Hypergraphs with Port Constraints
Kevin Buchin, Bettina Speckmann, and Sander Verdonschot. Optimizing Regular Edge Labelings.
Balázs Keszegh, Dömötör Pálvölgyi, and János Pach. Drawing planar graphs of bounded degree with few slopes.
Walter Didimo, Giuseppe Liotta, and Salvatore Agostino Romeo. Topology-driven Force-directed Algorithms.
Karsten Klein, Gereon Bartel, Carsten Gutwenger, and Petra Mutzel. An Experimental Evaluation of Multilevel Layout Methods.
Vida Dujmovic, William Evans, Stephen Kobourov, Giuseppe Liotta, Christophe Weibel, and Stephen Wismath. On Graphs Supported by Line Sets.
Ross J. Kang and Tobias Müller. Dot-product representations of planar graphs.