Satellite Event

Graph Drawing 2010 will be preceded by proGD, a free training event primarily aimed at young researchers, and an exhibition opportunity for industry partners on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010.

The general purpose of proGD is to introduce PhD students in the field of graph drawing and from other areas to application domains in which plenty of graph drawing problems arise.

proGD will feature three 90min tutorials on tools and application domains that provide plenty of opportunity for graph drawing research. These tutorials are followed by guided tours to interesting visualization tools.

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proGD is organized jointly with Research Training Group Explorative Analysis and Visualization of Large Information Spaces and Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology. Participants of the main conference can sign up for free in their registration form.

The event is held in the same location as the main conference on the campus of the University Konstanz.

welcome / coffee / breakfast
data mining
(T. Kötter,
U. Nagel)
This workshop will provide a short introduction to theory and practice of data mining. Participants will learn about basic data mining approaches, and their application to graphs. Concepts will be exemplified using a data analytics tool, KNIME, developed at the University Konstanz.
coffee break
biological networks
(F. Schreiber)
This is an introduction to the analysis and visualization of biological networks. Participants will learn about biological processes and networks; basic methods for their analysis and visualization such as network centralities and motifs; the Systems Biology Graphical Notation (SBGN); and SBGN-ED, a tool for editing, validating and translating of SBGN maps.
social networks
(U. Brandes)
This is an introduction to the theory and methodology of social network analysis. Participants will learn about substantive interests in the social sciences, and acquire a new view of the role, challenges, and possible benefits of visualization in these domains.
coffee break
guided tours
Guided tours to special devices in the Department of Computer and Information Science; one to see a painting robot arm, the other to a large-scale display and interaction devices.
from 18.00
K9 Paulskirche, featuring Blues Crumbs