Graph Drawing '99

Stirin Castle (near Prague), September 15-19, 1999


Stirin is a small, high-baroque castle which has recently been renovated as a conference center and a stylish hotel. The castle is situated in a beautiful park which includes a golf course and tennis courts. The castle itself provides luxurious baroque rooms, while the depandance is furnished in peasant style. As the rooms will be reserved on first-come-first-serve basis, we recommend early reservation. All rooms are reserved for 4 nights (arrival Wednesday September 15, departure Sunday September 19). Additional accommodation may be arranged in the city of Prague.

Stirin Castle

Stirin Castle Depandance

Velke Popovice - hotel Slavoj

Requests for accommodation reservation should be sent to Please, note that deposit of $ 100 (Stirin) or $ 30 (Velke Popovice) is required.

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October 1, 1998