Social events


Fifth Symposium on Graph Drawing

September 18-20 1997

Rome - Italy


The Symposium banquet will be held on friday evening (September the 19th) in Palazzo Taverna.
Borgia and Orsini's ancient abode; it is situated in the heart of Rome between Piazza Navona and Castel S. Angelo. It was built in 13th century and Dante Alighieri mentioned it in his literary masterpiece "The Divine Comedy". The Palace boasts a picturesque "cortile" and a magnificent fountain of the 17th century. It has two wings: a Baroque one with a remarkable picture-gallery and a splendid antique pieces of furniture; the other one, in the imperial style is decorated with delightful mural paintings.

A picture is available here.

Palazzo Taverna is in Via Monte Giordano, 36 - Rome.