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GraphMan Editor

The GraphMan program is a basic graph manipulation tool that can be used for the Graph Drawing Contest. While we encourage participants to bring their own custom-designed tools, we will make GraphMan available on 10 machines during the contest.

GraphMan is written in Java and so should run on a variety of platforms incluing Linux, Unix, Windows, and MacOS. To execute the program in Linux type "java -jar GraphMan.jar" and in Windows double click the GraphMan.jar file. The current version (GraphMan-0.6) is available here:

GraphMan has the following features:

  • Loading/storing files in the GD04 ASCII format.
  • Clicking on a node highlights its edges and allows the user to move the node.
  • Double clicking on a node "PINS" it down. This feature prevents this node from being moved by the spring-embedder feature, while manual movement is still possible.
  • Tracking of the crossings is on by default - clicking the crossings button in the toolbar disables/enables this feature.
  • Zoom In/Out/Fit to Window/and 1:1 scaling are available.
  • The spring Embedder feature runs a simple force-directed algorithm. The spring-embedder parameters can be modified (repulsive, attractive forces, number of iterations, etc.)
  • The undo feature only undoes Spring Embedder actions.

Graph Format

For the GD2004 contest, we will use a modified ASCII format described below. The contest graphs will be provided in this format and the submission should be prepared using the same format.

Sample File

Below is a simple example:
# Lines starting with # are comments and ignored
# First value is NumNodes(N)
# Next N pairs are X,Y (double) coordinate values of each node 0,1, N-1
0.0 0.0 # Node 0
0.0 5.0 # Node 1
5.0 5.0 # Node 2
5.0 0.0 # Node 4
# Remaining pairs of INTEGER values are undirected edges Ns, Ne
0 1 # Edge from Node 0 to Node 1
0 2
0 3
1 2
1 3
2 3

# Here we defined a 4-clique (with 1 crossing)

Additional sample files can be found here:

The program was written by Christian Duncan, Stephen G. Kobourov, and Chandan Pitta.

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