22nd International Symposium on
Graph Drawing
24—26 September 2014, Würzburg, Germany

Topic 1: Metro Map

For this topic, the task is to visualize the bus and tram network of Würzburg in a metro map style layout.

The data for the network include information about the stops like the name of the stop and its geographic location, as well as the bus/tram lines with their stops and the distances between stops. Your visualization should show the whole network, presenting the connections in a clear way for a possible user of public transport in Würzburg.

Data set

The data set consists of two Excel tables:

The tables contain the following columns / information:

  • Kurzbezeichnung: abbreviation for a stop
  • Steig: platform number
  • RBL Nr.: unique number for a stop
  • Name Haltestelle: name of a stop
  • x: longitude of geographic location (degrees minutes seconds)
  • y: latitude of geographic location (degrees minutes seconds)
  • Linie: bus/tram line
  • Bereich: area (not important)
  • Distanz (m): distance in metres

The abbreviation of the bus/tram stop (Kurzbezeichnung) plus the platform number (Steig) identifies a stop across the two files.

All data have been kindly provided by the WVV.