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Edge Routing

One topic of this year's contest is edge routing. All nodes have specified positions. The task is to produce a suitable edge routing for all edges, by using bends or splines, or any other way to display edges nicely. Note that no node should be moved at all. We provide two data sets that will be judged separately. The task is to create edge routings suitable for the corresponding application domains. Any representation for edges is allowed. Manual routing adjustments are allowed, but fully automatic routings are preferred. For each data set, a separate winner will be determined.

  • Author collaboration graph
    The data represents the collaborations of authors of Graph Drawing papers. The nodes represent the authors, and an edge is between two nodes if the corresponding authors published a paper together. The data was obtained from a selection of papers of the years 2004-2010 through GDEA.
    Data File: collab.txt

  • Circuit Diagram
    The data represents the circuit of the Video controller of the Apple 2 computer (with some small simplifications). It contains multiple edges between node pairs. The edges are directed. The node positions are approximately the same as in the original circuit diagram.
    Data File: circuit.txt

Mystery Graph

The mystery graph is this year's traditional layout problem, to simply find the best layout and to determine the meaning of the graph. It consists of 17 nodes and 49 edges. The node names are slightly obfuscated. The first task is to create a visualization of the graph. Nodes must be placed and edges must be routed. There is no requirement concerning edge shapes or layout style. Manual layout adjustments are allowed, but fully automatic layouts are preferred. As an additional task,the contestants should determine what this graph depicts.

Data File: mystery.txt

File Format

All data sets use a simple text file format. The following is an example:

# Nodes
# Edges

Nodes of the edge routing tasks are specified as follows:

The coordinate (x,y) is the center point of the node!

The mystery graph has no coordinates. Here, nodes are specified as follows:

The coordinate (x,y) is the center point of the node! Edges are specified as follows:


In the sample above, the nodes Id1, Id2 and Id3 have width 40, height 50 and are positioned with node center at (20,20), (100,100) and (20,100).

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