Graph Drawing 2007

Instructions for Authors

The camera-ready version of your paper has to be sent to no later than September 14, 2007

  1. All papers should be prepared in the Springer Lecture Notes format LNCS. Please consult the Information for LNCS Authors - for details, where you will find answers to most of your technical questions.
  2. Prepare your paper in LaTeX2e using the LLNCS style available from Springer, and using the standard header from the sample file. Do not use any other styles or macros, and do not modify the Springer style files.
  3. The page number limits are as follows:
  4. Prepare an archive file (e.g., zip, tgz) containing:
  5. Send this archive file to

  6. Fill in and sign the copyright form.
  7. Bring two hard copies of your paper, and the signed copyright form to the conference.