Microsoft Research
20th International Symposium on
Graph Drawing
Sept 19~21, 2012 | Redmond, Washington

19th Graph Drawing Contest

Call for Participation

The 19th Annual Graph Drawing Contest shall be held in conjunction with the 20th International Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD 2012). This year, the contest has the following two topics: restricted area drawings and a game development contest.

Topic 1: Restricted area drawings

For the three categories in this topic, we ask for drawings of graphs that fit in a given restricted area. For details see here.

Topic 2: Game development contest

For the game contest, we ask for a computer game that is playable, relevant to graph drawing, and fun. For details see here.

For judging the games, we need your help. All attendees are invited to test and play the games at the conference and score the games based on their fun factor.


Submissions for the restricted area topic must be received by September 18 (23:59 PDT) and should include the following information:

  • Names and email addresses of the contributors
  • A picture illustrating the graph
  • A brief description on how the layout was produced

Electronic submissions (in PDF format) are strongly encouraged. However, if your drawing requires special printing because of size, resolution, or color constraints, you are encouraged to submit via hard-copy.

All contest submissions should be sent to

Microsoft Corporation
levnach 99/2108
1 Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052


Cash prizes, trophies, and medals will be given to the top finishers in each category. In each of the four categories (restricted area A + B + C, game contest), the winner will receive a prize money of approximately $200, subject to available funds.

Contest committee


Quinnipiac University

TU Dortmund




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