21st International Symposium on
Graph Drawing
23-25 September 2013, Bordeaux (Talence), France

20th Graph Drawing Contest

Call for Participation

The 20th Annual Graph Drawing Contest shall be held in conjunction with the 21st International Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD 2013).

This year, the contest has the following three topics: Two graphs for the new creative topic, one review network, and the graph drawing challenge.

Topic 1: Creative

For this topic, we only provide data sources, and your task will be to create a meaningful graph from these data and visualize it in a suitable way. We provide two data sources, both dealing with the venue of this year's Graph Drawing Symposium, Bordeaux.

For details, see here.

Topic 2: Review network

For this topic, you are given a network of 568,454 reviews of fine foods from Amazon, making up a bipartite graph of reviewers and products. The task is to visualize the network, emphasizing good products and important reviewers.

For details, see here.

Topic 3: Graph drawing challenge

The challenge will be held during the conference in a format similar to a typical programming contest, where teams are presented with a collection of challenge graphs and have approximately one hour to submit their highest scoring drawings. This year the challenge shall focus on minimizing the area for orthogonal grid layouts.

For details, see here.


Submissions for the Creative and Review Network topics must be received by September 20 (23:59 CEST) and should include the following information:

  • Names and email addresses of the contributors.
  • A picture (or other kind of visualization) illustrating the graph.
  • If any software is supplied, it would be very beneficial to include an accompanying demo video in case the software is not readily executable on the judges' systems.
  • A brief description on how the graph and layout were produced.

Electronic submissions (in PDF format) are strongly encouraged. However, if your drawing requires special printing because of size, resolution, or color constraints, you are encouraged to submit via hard-copy. Electronic submissions by email should arrive no later than Sep 21 (23:59 CEST).

All contest submissions should be sent to

Carsten Gutwenger
TU Dortmund
Otto-Hahn-Straße 14
44229 Dortmund


The five winners (creative A + B, review network, challenge A + M) will receive trophies, medals, and Google Nexus 7 (32GB, 2013 version) tablet computers.

Contest Committee

Christian Duncan
Carsten Gutwenger
TU Dortmund
Lev Nachmanson
Georg Sander

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