22nd International Symposium on
Graph Drawing
24—26 September 2014, Würzburg, Germany


A User Study on the Visualization of Directed Graphs
Walter Didimo, Fabrizio Montecchiani, Evangelos Pallas and Ioannis Tollis
GraphBook: Making Graph Paging Real
Alessio Arleo, Felice De Luca, Giuseppe Liotta, Fabrizio Montecchiani and Ioannis Tollis
Circular Tree Drawing by Simulating Network Synchronisation Dynamics and Scaling
Farshad Ghassemi Toosi and Nikola S. Nikolov
PIGRA - A Tool for Pixelated Graph Representations
Thomas Bläsius, Fabian Klute, Benjamin Niedermann and Martin Nöllenburg
Simultaneous Drawing of Planar Graphs with Right-Angle Crossings and Few Bends
Michael Bekos, Thomas C. Van Dijk, Philipp Kindermann and Alexander Wolff
Touching Triangle Representations in a k-gon of Biconnected Outerplanar Graphs
Nieke Aerts
3D Graph Visualization with the Oculus Rift
Farshad Barahimi and Steve Wismath
Force-Directed 3D Arc Diagrams
Michael J. Bannister, Michael Goodrich and Peter Sampson
People Prefer Less Stress and Fewer Crossings
Markus Chimani, Patrick Eades, Peter Eades, Seok-Hee Hong, Karsten Klein, Weidong Huang, Michael Marner, Ross Smith and Bruce Thomas
A New Approach to Visualizing General Trees Using Thickness-adjustable Quadratic Curves
M. Ali Rostami, Azin Azadi and Martin Bücker
Minimal representations of rectangle visibility graphs
John Caughman, Charles Dunn, Joshua Laison, Nancy Neudauer and Colin Starr